Easter Daffodils – Maeve O’Keeffe Art

With schools reopened and vaccinations rolling out, there is hope of life retuning to pre-COVID normality as we knew it.  Primary and secondary students no longer have to cope with Google classroom or Seesaw.  Zoom calls might, once again, be reserved for the occasional business meeting or keeping in touch with family and friends abroad. 

For the moment, my ‘live’ art classes are postponed until Level 5 restrictions are lowered.  However, I’m using my time to do personal art and community projects, and was delighted to recently paint Easter themed windows in Fitzpatrick’s Shop. The windows show varying scenes including Easter bunnies, naughty chicks and surprised-looking sheep, while one of the panels features daffodils helping to hide away some eggs.

Daffodils are easy to draw and can feature in either a cartoon scene like the one I did for Fitzpatrick’s, or several can sketched in a vase to create a still life.

To draw a daffodil, begin with an oval shape for the flower’s face.  Surround this with a frill of semi-circles. Draw the petals as shown, followed by the tall stem and leaves. For a cartoon character, draw eyes and a smiling mouth. Add oval shapes for the Easter eggs, which can be decorated with stripes or spots. Alternatively, instead of eggs, draw daisies for a pastoral-type scene.  

For information on upcoming projects and reopening of art classes when COVID restrictions allow, check out my website or Facebook page FB: www.facebook.com/frazzledmammy 

© Maeve O’Keeffe

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