Covid Art Challenge 2020

Even though Lockdown as we knew it appears to be over, the spring/summer of 2020 is one that we’re unlikely to forget. With schools closed, working from home, no Leaving Cert and everyone confined to a 2k/5k exercise limit, we were all challenged to fill our days and keep busy.

I set a Covid art challenge requesting photos of artworks, of a favourite activity or something made during Lockdown. I would then compile all photos in a ‘Covid Diary’ slideshow to be shown on my FaceBook page. During May there would be three tasks. 

Week 1: What are you doing during the Lockdown – baking, exercising, playing board games, computer games, gardening or writing letters to grandparents?

Week 2: Who is your Covid Superhero – Mum, Dad, Granny, Gardai, Shopkeepers or you as a superhero fighting the Corona virus?

Week 3: What are you looking forward to doing when Lockdown is over – playing with friends, going to the beach, playground, shopping or giving loved ones a great big hug?

Helena sent a drawing of herself playing a computer game remotely with her friend. Laura sent a screenshot of Roblox, another computer game played online with her bestie. Aisling built a Lego hotel while I also received images of birds, animals and other imaginative artworks. And what are the longed-for activities after Lockdown? Check out ‘Our Covid Diary’ slideshow showing haircuts, going on holiday and playing by the beach! See FB:

© Maeve O’Keeffe

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