Night Classes by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Cartoon: Night Class by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

It’s that time of year, again, when change is in the air – kids are starting a new school year, days are getting cooler and evenings shorter.  That modicum of change affects adults, too, as many consider doing a night class for self-improvement or simply do something interesting for the long winter nights.

Over the years I’ve attended night classes in all sorts of things – computers, yoga, pilates, first aid (forgotten everything – don’t turn to me in an emergency!); photography, printmaking and creative writing, to name a few.  I was a night class junkie, addicted to my fix of educational escapism, only too happy to scoot out the door, leaving the kids at home with their Dad.

However, after years of going to classes, I took the plunge and taught my own Art Course, in drawing Illustration and Cartoon.  My name duly appeared in the Douglas Community School’s Adult Evening Classes brochure, followed by an invitation for tutors to attend enrolment night to answer queries and sign up potential students.  After finding my desk and getting used to being on the other side – taking names for a change instead of me signing up – I looked around to see which courses still had a queue.

The keep-fit, computer and music courses were busy, especially the Guitar man, but if there was a prize for who got the most applicants, it had to be the Salsa guy.  There was a line of ladies patiently waiting as the handsome dance teacher was being arduously quizzed by an eager applicant!

Whether for fun, to develop a talent or to progress a career, adult education is a great way of exploring new interests, meeting people and making friends, regardless of age.  Learning new things is my psychological pension plan to keep the brain ticking over and have interests of my own when the kids will eventually leave home.  With my new bout of Illustration Classes approaching, I’ll have my eye on the would-be dancers and guitarists again!

© Maeve O’Keeffe, Illustrator   The Frazzled Mammy!

Enrol for my night class in Illustration & Cartoon

Starts Wed Sep 27th 2017 in Douglas Community School, Cork

Contact Douglas Adult Ed:  021 4294208

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