Cartoon blog by frazzledmammy.comWhy didn’t I do the Wodan?  There it stood – a gigantic Timburcoaster, a rollercoaster made of wood, creaking in the wind.  The occupants of its cars screamed at each dizzying stomach-churning bend on what seemed be terrifyingly high rickety rails.  “C’mon Mom, I’d love to do it,” begged Junior.  His pal and the pal’s parents who brought us to the theme park weren’t interested.  I’m scared of heights and didn’t want to further wreck an already dodgy back.  I dithered, reneged; regretted it afterwards.

For once in my life, why couldn’t I accept the challenge to stepoutside my comfort zone?  When will I again encounter such a rare experience, to risk doing something scary but fun with my 12 year-old son?  I cursed my caution and cowardice.

However, next day on the budget visit to our friends in Switzerland, I followed the boys across a suspension bridge.  As it swayed in the wind, precariously perched across an Alpine glacier, I dared not look down.  Yeah – no way would I have survived Wodan.  But what if I hadn’t hesitated and climbed those timber steps with Junior?  Sat into the rollercoaster car, screamed my head off to survive its terror and adrenalin rush?

Procrastination is a curse.  Many’s the time I’ve considered doing something but failed to act or follow it up.  Take the Internet.  Another buddy living abroad continually chastises me, “For feic sake, why aren’t you on Facebook?  Post up a few pictures and keep in touch!” I’ve been reluctant to make the leap and go online.  Bit of a Luddite, I prefer to e-mail or talk on the phone.

Not quite Facebook, I’ll start with a blog called Frazzled Mammy.  It’s an idea I’ve had for a while but kept putting off.  Life gets in the way, being busy with the kids, etc, etc.  An extension of this Echo column, I’ll continue these musings about muddling through motherhood with an online page for and about women – mums like myself dealing with the trials, tribulations and mini-dramas of daily life.  Are there other Frazzled Mammies out there who read this?  I’d love to hear from you.

Do your kids occasionally drive you nuts?  What tricks do you use to keep the peace?  What ticks you off, trips you up or makes you smile?  Have you ‘To die for dishes’ that are easy to cook and the kids will eat?  Any suggestions on weaning teens away from PlayStation or computer screens?  Contact me by blog at or e-mail  Share your thoughts and let’s see what we can put up on-line – exchange tips, have a laugh or even help each other out?  Juggling jobs, childcare and household chores ain’t easy!

I don’t really know what I’m doing.  Will dabbling with cyberspace be as daunting as the terrifying Wodan?  Sure, I’ll take a chance and give it a try.

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