Write & Illustrate your Story – illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Write and Illustrate your Story

 Writer’s block?  Not a trace of it amongst our local authors!  Our six week set of classes for the ‘Write and Illustrate your Story’ Community Art project recently ended on April 13th.  With participants ranging in age from Senior Infants to Senior Citizens, we’ve had a very enjoyable and productive experience.  After initial brainstorming followed by weeks of busily writing, of sharing anecdotes and artwork ideas, each writer has now brought home their own individual illustrated story in booklet format.

My Story 3rd-6thClass

Maeve and Angela with Senior Infant-2nd class

Maeve with My Story Adults’ class

And what a miscellany!  From fantastic adventures featuring beloved pets, magical objects, creepy creatures, cracked teeth, bullies, superheroes, childhood memories, wartime tales, Formula One, Direct Provision, altruistic acts, to poignant but beautiful accounts of dear ones’ last days, each story is unique.  This is an example from our youngest participant, Ben O’Donoghue, aged six, writing about his Dad, with his drawing of them playing soccer:

My Dad

‘My dad is in the army.  He is in the Lebanon.  I am very proud of my dad and love him very much.  My dad plays football with me.  He is coming home on the 4th of April.  When he comes home we will have a big party for him and my baby sister who will be 2 years old.  My Mammy loves when my dad is at home.  I like to make things out of items in the recycling bin and my dad helps me.  I think my dad is a hero.’

My Story Project – BenO’Donoghue





In addition to the sponsorship from Glounthaune Tidy Towns and Cork County Council Creative Communities Scheme, this community project could not have progressed without the involvement of local volunteers – Angela Reidy, Maeve Tomlins and Lindita Jaupaj who helped me with the classes.  Michael Power and Carol Harpur have taken photos and footage to produce a short film about the project.

My Story project

My Story project with Maeve O’Keeffe

My Story project maeveokeeffe












Meanwhile, all the written submissions with accompanying illustrations will be compiled into an anthology, due for publication in May.  The official launch of our community stories will take place in Glounthaune Community Centre (date to be confirmed), where copies of the book can be purchased.  Samples of the illustrations will be on display, while some of our authors might treat us to a reading of their work!

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(From Project Coordinator, Art Teacher and Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe)

©Maeve O’Keeffe

Glounthaune Tidy Towns – Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Glounthaune Tidy Towns:

Keep Glounthaune Clean poster

Bin Everything poster


The Glounthaune Tidy Towns and Men’s Shed Group are doing great work in beautifying Glounthaune village and keeping it litter free.  For the last few years they have sponsored an anti-litter poster competition in Glounthaune National School with stunning results.  Once the winning entry has been selected, I’m called in as illustrator to modify it slightly, transferring the image to a digital format so that the image can be professionally printed into a large, clearly visible roadside sign.  The above are two signs that are still on display along the roadside at each end of village, with one appearing also on the wall of Fitzpatrick’s Shop last summer!

Not content with just tackling litter, just before Christmas the Men’s Shed were busy roping in Santa, or rather, his reindeer while poor Mr. Claus got stuck in the chimney of the wooden house they made!  I was happy to be called upon again for some cartoon artwork and did pictures of the children and their pets looking upwards, trying to figure out what or who is making all that noise up the chimney!

Santa House Men’s Shed

Reindeer at the ready!






2017 was a busy year with these interesting community projects.  2018 promises to be even busier with our ‘Write and Illustrate your Story’ community Art project promoted & sponsored by Glounthaune Tidy Towns and Cork County Council Creative Communities Scheme.  This will begin on February 15th.

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Maeve O’Keeffe, the Frazzled Mammy!   ©Maeve O’Keeffe 2018

Drawing on the Radio! by illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

A Cat like Garfield – Maeve O’Keeffe

We’ve heard of dancing on the radio but what about DRAWING ON THE RADIO! I recently spoke to Justin Maher on the CRY104fm ‘Youghal Today’ show about my upcoming Art Classes and Halloween Midterm Workshops for children.  Justin asked me how I would go about drawing a cat like Garfield. Continue reading

Night Classes by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Cartoon: Night Class by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

It’s that time of year, again, when change is in the air – kids are starting a new school year, days are getting cooler and evenings shorter.  That modicum of change affects adults, too, as many consider doing a night class for self-improvement or simply do something interesting for the long winter nights. Continue reading

Charity seeking old Schoolbooks

Charity seeking old schoolbooks

Like thousands of parents at this time of year, I’m faced with the cost of kids going back to school and/or college.

As well as the uniforms, stationery, etc, textbooks must be bought — a major expense.

Every year, I’m enraged that perfectly good schoolbooks can’t be reused because either the content is supposedly improved and republished or the curriculum changes.

Continue reading

Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe – Cartoon Drawing Workshop


Workshop Cork County Council Arts

on the theme of ‘Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone’

with illustrator / art teacher Maeve O’Keeffe.



Wed July 19th: Ballincollig Library 10.00-12.00pm (8-13 yrs)
Wed July 19th: Glanmire Library 2.00-4.00pm (8-13 yrs)

Thur July 20th: Fermoy Library 10.00-12.00 (8-13 yrs)
Thur July 20th: Youghal Library 2.30-4.30 (8-13 yrs)

For more details see https://www.facebook.com/frazzledmammycork/

(Organised by Cork County Library & Arts Service. Limited places, so booking a place at the library is necessary)

Simon Open Door by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Cartoon: SimonOpenDoor by illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

This year’s Simon Open Door initiative is currently underway, finishing May 19th.  For a €90 donation which goes directly to the Simon Community, an appointment can be booked for an hour-long consultation with a certified RIAI Architect.

I did this a few years ago which led us to adding an extension to our 3 bed, 1 bathroom bungalow.  With three kids, we longed for a second toilet.  Continue reading