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Online Exhibition – Maeve O’Keeffe’s Art Classes

Since the recent Covid 19 lockdown, most of us have a new appreciation of the old saying ‘Home is where the hearth is’. Home is now where it’s at – free from social distancing, we can safely do home-schooling, home baking, keep fit and work from home if our job allows.

My adult and children’s art classes have momentarily stopped. However, in the current climate, drawing and painting can be creative and therapeutic activities. In that spirit, this year’s Midleton Arts Festival (MAF) will be an online event to be enjoyed at home. The work of artists, musicians and various performers can be viewed on the MAF Facebook page, YouTube and website on May 15th and 16th

In past years, I usually do a drawing demonstration and exhibit artwork from some of my classes for the festival. However, this year I too have embraced technology and have submitted slideshows of artwork from my St. Colman’s night class students (see photos), children’s art classes and the mural I did last year in Glounthaune railway station.

Student's artwork from Maeve O'Keeffe's art classes
Fiddle Player by Dearbhla Quigney
Student's artwork from Maeve O'Keeffe's art classes
Landscape by Ivett Becsine Gimesi

There will also be an online event called ‘Art in my Home’ where MAF have asked the public to send in photos of artwork from their home – favourite pictures hanging on the wall, fridge or their own creations. This online Arts Festival will be a new experience and I can’t wait to view it from the comfort of home!   

For more information on my upcoming art classes, see FB: www.facebook.com/frazzledmammycork

©  Maeve O’Keeffe

Student's artwork from Maeve O'Keeffe's art classes
Streetscape by Jane O’Connell
Student's artwork from Maeve O'Keeffe's art classes
Landscape by Shana Wilke
Bird Mural, Maeve O'Keeffe

Bird Mural – Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

In April 2019 I was commissioned by Glounthaune Tidy Towns and Community Association to do a mural in Glounthaune Railway Station. It would be a birdlife theme on the railway shelter, complementing the nearby Harpers Island bird sanctuary.

When I visited the station to take measurements and get ideas, the first thing that struck me was “How do I get birds around the bin and the seats?” There’s a tall grey rubbish bin in the centre of the shelter with welcome metal seating on either side for awaiting train passengers. Seagulls are typically unafraid of swooping on unsuspecting commuters to snatch a sandwich, so depicting two cheeky gulls rob the rubbish bin seemed a good idea.

Maeve O'Keeffe, Mural, Illustrator, Cork, Ireland
Seagulls grab litter from the bin!

How would I incorporate the other birds? The shelducks and mallards could swim with their colourful offspring eyeing the thieving interlopers. The turnstone, dunlin and lapwing might perch on each bench. The teal, oystercatcher and golden plovers could take flight. Redshanks and godwits might busily wade in the water, while the sentry-like heron could stand tall taking it all in.   

Once the design was approved the mural work got underway. I had a very interesting time painting and occasionally chatting to people either waiting for or alighting from the train.

Maeve O'Keeffe, Mural, Illustrator, Cork, Ireland
Oystercatcher, Lapwings, Godwits & Herons

However, it was soon back to my usual routine of teaching art as I was due to start my After School Art Classes in SNCN Glounthaune NS; My Place Hall, Midleton on Tuesday 17th Sept and The Pike Hall, Glanmire on Thursday 19th Sept 2019. My adult education Drawing & Acrylic Painting classes started in St. Colman’s, Midleton on Tuesday night Oct 1st. As some birds fly south and others arrive from the north, art-wise it promised to be a busy autumn!

For more information about bird-related topics or future art classes see Maeve O’Keeffe’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/frazzledmammycork/

©  Maeve O’Keeffe


Isn’t it interesting how one idea can lead to another? Take our Glounthaune Fox. Last year I was asked by Glounthaune Tidy Towns to submit a design for the Ballyhennick townland, to be used on a stone placename. As the anglicised word Ballyhennick derives from the gaelic Baile Sheinick, town of the fox, I was inspired by this graceful animal for my design. During the summer, seven place names were erected in Glounthaune, one of which was my Baile Sheinic fox! It can be seen on the roadside as you leave Glounthaune for Cork.

I was telling a friend about how my drawing was used on the roadside carving and how I subsequently incorporated more fox-related content in my art classes. She designs and makes bags. Before I knew it, she had created a gorgeous bag based on our Baile Sehinic fox (see photo).  Her handcrafted fox bags are for sale in Passage West Creates gift shop, and more details on this East Cork brand NeedleSketches can be found @MollysNeedleSketches facebook page.

Fox Bags

Meanwhile, I am busy with my After School Art Classes in SNCN Glounthaune NS, My Place, Midleton and The Pike Hall, Glanmire, and look forward to another set of Drawing & Acrylic Painting classes for adults in St. Colman’s, Midleton, starting September 2020.

For more information about my art classes for both adults and children see my Facebook page – Frazzled Mammy Cork www.facebook.com/frazzledmammycork/

©  Maeve O’Keeffe

Christmas Countdown – Illustrator

ChristmasCountdown by Illustrator, Cork, Ireland, Maeve O'Keeffe

ChristmasCountdown by Illustrator, Cork, Ireland, Maeve O’Keeffe

Christmas Countdown – Illustrator

It’s the countdown to Christmas.  Since the Toy Show, children have been double-checking their wish lists, posting or burning letters in the fireplace. They can now relax, excitedly waiting for Santa’s imminent arrival.  But what about us adults?  What of all the jobs we have to do?  If only we could write a letter and have Santa’s elves clean the house, do the shopping and magic a cooked turkey onto the table?  Christmas is a wondrous time but is it worth all the stress we put ourselves through? Continue reading

Back to School – Cartoon Illustrator

Illustrator, Cork

Back to School by Illustrator, Cork, Maeve O’Keeffe

Back to School – Cartoon Illustrator

It’s good to be back.  We’ve had a frazzled few months building a house extension but life is now returning to normal.  And it’s back to school time, buying uniforms and queuing outside bookshops.  Continue reading

Caricature Competition by Caricature Artist

Competition – Caricature Artist

Caricature Artist

Competition by Caricature Artist Maeve O’Keeffe

The caricature competition I’m running with Fitzpatrick’s Shop has got such a great reaction that we’ve decided to extend the deadline until 5.00pm this Friday April 25th.
To win this unique prize of a personalised caricature done by me and a cake from Fitzpatrick’s Shop, Glounthaune, Cork for your next special occassion, simply;
1) LIKE Frazzled Mammy Facebook page, and
2) LIKE & SHARE the competition picture on Fitzpatrick’s Shop Facebook page

Any comments? Post to my blog or email frazzledmammy@outlook.com

Maeve O’Keeffe, the Frazzled Mammy! ©Maeve O’Keeffe 2015

Maeve O’Keeffe is a Cartoonist, Illustrator and Journalist in Cork, Ireland 

Contact : e-mail   frazzledmammy@outlook.com or tweet @frazzled_mammy

Kids in Cars – Cartoon Illustrator

Cartoon Illustrator

Kids in Cars by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

 Kids in Cars – Cartoon  Illustrator

Have you ever left your child alone in the car to quickly dash into a shop? Apparently a parent was prosecuted in the UK for neglect for doing just that. If this is the case, lock me in prison and throw away the key because I’m guilty. But surely I’m not alone? Hasn’t every parent at some stage done this?

Continue reading

Mothers Day – Cartoon Illustrator

Cartoon illustrator

Mothers Day by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Mothers Day – Cartoon Illustrator

In the supermarket we were met by a wall of rosebud patterns and “I love you” text.  Leftover Valentines?  ‘Mother’ read the ornately scripted greetings.

“Oh, I’d forgotten,” confessed daughter, quickly scooting past the celebratory cards.  Was she guiltily going to get me something?   Continue reading

Pocket Money – Cartoon Illustrator

Pocket Money – Cartoon Illustrator

Cartoon Illustrator

Spend by Cartoon Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Do today’s kids get too much pocket money?  In a recent survey carried out by the Irish League of Credit Unions @creditunionie , teenagers are apparently receiving an average of €13 a week, while research commissioned by Danske Bank shows that most parents are giving an average of €27 a month to children aged between 12 and 15 years.

Is this overkill or the expected stipend for teens to survive in today’s economic climate?  And if mums & dads don’t cough up, are we bad, cheapskate parents? Continue reading

Kindness – Cartoon Illustrator

Cartoon Illustrator

Kindness by Illustrator Maeve O’Keeffe

Kindness – Cartoon Illustrator

Lent – 6 weeks of penance, giving up sweets, cigarettes or beverages that are bad for us.  It’s a time to clean up our act.  Like New Year’s, an opportunity to make a new start and redeem our sorry selves.

But first, there’s that last gluttonous fling of Shrove or Pancake Tuesday. Continue reading