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Hi, I’m Maeve O’Keeffe, an illustrator, art teacher and mother of three from Cork, Ireland.

I love drawing cartoons and caricatures.  Back in the day, when I should have been paying attention in class, I spent A LOT of time doodling in my school books. I went to the Crawford School of Art, Cork, but somehow managed to find my way into draughting and design in electronics.  I continued drawing cartoons of colleagues when something funny might happen, which led to requests for caricatures if, for example, one of the bosses was leaving.

Home full-time with three small kids, I began to draw and write at the kitchen table.  From 2004-2014, I provided the Cork Evening Echo with a weekly cartoon and column in the WOW (Women on Wednesday) supplement on the trials and tribulations of muddling through motherhood.  You can see some of these in my Frazzled Mammy BLOG

I teach Art (some classes include cartoon and comic strips) to children in Glounthaune, Glanmire, Midleton, and to adults in the Adult Education Night Class programme in St. Colman’s Community College, Midleton and Douglas Community School, Cork.

I do personalised gifts, corporate gifts, and caricatures

When I’m not doing any of the above or watching telly (I do that a lot), I try to keep the house ticking over and feed husband, kids and cat!


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