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School Acceptance by cartoonist Maeve O’Keeffe

Cartoonist, Cork, Maeve O'Keeffe

Do parents stress about their kids getting a school place?

My friend had great news the other morning.  Her daughter was offered a place in the secondary school of her choice.  “What a relief!” this mum said, “The great thing is, it’s her decision.  And being co-ed, her brothers are guaranteed a place when it’s their turn in a few years time!”  I was delighted for her.  I know only too well, the stress associated with getting your pre-teen into second level. Continue reading

Nagging Mammy by Cartoonist Maeve O’Keeffe

Cartoonist, Cork, Maeve O'Keeffe

Do all mums nag “Put on your coat!” when the cold weather comes?

I’ve become the archetypal Irish Mammy – worrying and nagging to beat the band.  I try to resist, but at the first hint of winter frost, I start my “Put on your coat, wear your hat!” mantra, especially when colds and flu strike.  Is it just me or do other mums do this too? Continue reading