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Schoolbag by cartoonist Maeve O’Keeffe

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Why don’t kids do tedious tasks like cleaning schoolbags?

Why do Moms do everything for their kids, even cleaning schoolbags?    Have you similar memories or stories to share? Post to my blog or email 

With summer holidays racing by, I’m getting a small bit anxious about organising the back to school gear.  Husband got the task to bringing the boys shopping for schoolbags and trousers.  Traumatised after a horrific ordeal of Confirmation clothes shopping with our eldest son last year, I let Daddy-O deal with it.  They duly returned with the required items only to dump them in the corner of the living room with all the other clutter.

Uuh!  Sometimes it’s just easier to pick things up yourself rather than waste the time and energy nagging them to do it.  Continue reading

Toes by cartoonist Maeve O’Keeffe

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How to deal with torturous toes!

What do you do when torturous toes stop you in your tracks? Have you similar memories or stories to share? Post to my blog or email 

Although they’d lain untouched in the wardrobe for over a year, the open-toed sling-backs still looked good.  I slipped them on, or tried to.  Yeeouch!  A pang of pain seared through my small toe.  I thumbed the shoe’s leather, hoping to soften it or prod a smidgen more space but that made no difference to my foot’s discomfort.

Damn!  If I couldn’t wear the shoes, I couldn’t wear the dress for an upcoming party…   Continue reading

Painting Problems by cartoonist Maeve O’Keeffe



Too old for summer camps, how do you keep a teenager occupied?  Have you similar memories or funny stories to share? Post to my blog or email 


Where did I go wrong, I wonder?  Daughter’s school holidays are taken up with doing courses.  Junior will be occupied with some sporty summer camps but his bigger brother?  This fourteen year-old, addicted to YouTube and PlayStation, can’t be prised from his laptop.


It’s not as if I didn’t have jobs lined up for him to do.  Bedroom walls and paint-chipped windowsills are crying out for new coats.  “Will you help?” I asked.  “I hate painting,” he groaned.  Appeals to his munificent nature fell on deaf ears. Continue reading

Togs by cartoonist Maeve O’Keeffe

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What do you do when others are wearing the exact same togs?

What do you do when you see another wearing the same togs or favourite outfit? Have you similar memories or funny stories to share? Post to my blog or email 

One of the best things about going on holiday is the anticipation and planning beforehand.  You list things to bring – T-shirts, towels and dig out summer gear that hasn’t seen the light of day for give or take 10 months.  So what if the same pedal pushers worn in Lanzarote last year appear yet again in the 2014 family photos?

But will the old togs still fit?   The boys’ sandals are too small, although Junior might make do with bigger brother’s outgrown pair.  Swimsuits usually take a battering, what with sand, sunscreen stains and material tugged out of shape from wear and tear, while pool chlorine can play havoc in the intervening winter months.  As last year’s suit was irrevocably stretched, I’d treat myself to a new one.

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